Pathways to Excellence

Madison Local Schools offers a comprehensive list and offering of Career Technical programs in grades 7-12.  Students will begin their journey in Career Tech by taking electives in Food Science, Engineering, Robotics, Health Sciences, and Medical Detectives. These courses are typically offered each semester and are designed to help our students explore various pathways. 

As students enter into high school, there are additional courses that are offered to our student body that align with Career Tech. These courses are in the areas of Business, Manufacturing, Construction, Information Technology, and Food Sciences. Students will learn basic skills, allowing students to explore some of our career pathways before entering into a 2-year program. 

During their sophomore year, every student at Madison Comprehensive High School will work with a career coach to develop a plan that aligns to their strengths and interests.  This is done through research-based practices and skills assessments. Our students are then offered an opportunity to tour our program offerings and choose a pathway that best aligns to their future goals.  

Each of our 11 Career Tech pathways align to college credit and allow our students opportunities to earn highly desired, industry-recognized credentials that not only align to in-demand jobs, but also help put students ahead of others applying for the same position. 

To learn more about each of our programs, click on the links below or find them under the Programs tab.