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Madison Local School District offers students a comprehensive education that prepares them for the workforce.

Pathways to Excellence

Without leaving the school district, every student may choose from many career paths — from skilled employment immediately out of high school to the highest college degree.

College and Career Planning

Students enrolled in CTE programs at Madison not only may enter the work force through internships, but will also earn college credit while in high school.

First-Class Learning

The Career Technical Education Department at Madison Local Schools is committed to provide a first-class learning experience for all students. With a focus on hands-on and experiential learning, teachers who are experts in their fields develop skills within our students that will help them to enter in-demand fields after graduation. In addition to the skills that students will learn, each of our programs has college credit and industry recognized credentials woven through it, so that our students are the most prepared to enter the workforce or college of their choice.

Benefits of Local Technical Education

Besides offering an excellent education for all students, how do Madison taxpayers and students benefit by being a comprehensive school system? 

Advanced academics are available to all students including honors, AP classes and Dual Enrollment courses.

Because of shared facilities and budgets, broad ranges of adult education courses are offered to the community.

Students provide customer services in Auto Technology, Carpentry, Cosmetology, Electricity, Precision Machining, and Welding for the people of the Madison community.

Students continue to enjoy personal relationships with friends and gain comfort with teachers they have known for years.


Graduation Rate


Number of Programs


Percent of Juniors Enrolling in CTE


Congratulations to Xander Burton, Emily Cook (not pictured), Liv Ash, Levi Zehner, Glenna Yunker, Karsyn Blust, Gavin Cates, and Zach Tackett for earning a PBIS reward and representing the RAMS in a positive way! Very proud of these students!
News Blast!!
Class of 2021 and Parents / Guardians,

We are almost there!!!! It is hard to believe that your high school experience is almost over. I want to congratulate all of you on this tremendous accomplishment. The last two school years have been full of challenging situations. Throughout this time we were forced to go into periods of remote learning, missed out on sports seasons, and lost ceremonies and other school events. To say that this has been frustrating is a gigantic understatement. However, despite all of the trials that you faced, I have seen the Class of 2021 display immense character, toughness, and ultimately Ram Pride. You have made the absolute best of any situation. I can speak for the staff when I say that the staff of the high school is very proud of each and every one of you.

With graduation fast approaching, I want to take this opportunity to pass along important dates and information regarding the ceremony.

Important Dates and Information:

· The graduation ceremony will be in person and held outdoors.

· It will take place at Ram Field at StarTek Stadium (on the football field).

· The graduation ceremony will be held on Friday, May 28th at 7:30pm.

· If there is inclement weather on the day of graduation, the ceremony will be moved to the following day.

* The first inclement weather date is Saturday, May 29th, at 7:30 pm.

* The second inclement weather date is Sunday, May 30th at 2:00 pm.

* If the weather still does not look favorable on Sunday, the ceremony will be moved indoors. This may alter the number of guests per graduate.

· Students must arrive at 6:15 pm and report to the high school classroom that they are assigned.

· All students must be dressed appropriately (see below) in order to participate in the formal graduation ceremony.

* LADIES: Wear a light colored dress, preferably white. Do not wear slacks or jeans. Bring bobby pins to hold your cap in place.

* GENTLEMEN: Wear dress slacks, dress shoes, and a shirt and tie, preferably a white shirt. Hair should be clean and neatly combed. Caps will fit better if your hair is combed off your forehead. Do not wear tennis shoes, jeans, shorts or a shirt without a collar.

· Sunglasses may be worn because the ceremony is outside.

· Each student will receive five tickets to disperse to their friends and family. This number of tickets allows us to stay in compliance with state mandates on capacity. If the ceremony has to be moved inside the number of student guests will be reduced to two. Two of the five tickets the students receive will be marked accordingly.

· Tickets will be given to the students at rehearsal and they will decide who they invite to the ceremony.

· Each of the student’s five guests are asked to sit together and socially distance (six feet) from guests of other students.

· All Covid-19 protocols must be followed in order to attend the ceremony. This includes wearing masks and social distancing.

I hope this helps! See you soon! Ram Pride!

Sean Conway, Principal

Madison Comprehensive High School
End Of Course Testing Information

Dear Parents & Students,

I hope all of you have had a very restful Spring Break! As we return for the final stretch of the 2020-2021 school year, I would like to take a few moments to explain our process for the administration of the spring End of Course Exams.

End of Course Exams

In addition to the coursework students are required to complete to meet graduation requirements, they also are required by the state of Ohio to meet testing requirements through End of Course Exams (EOCs) that will be administered over the course of your child’s four years in high school. The state of Ohio has adjusted the testing graduation requirements over the past few years, and while some requirements are similar for each graduating class, others differ. Your child’s school counselor will work with you and your child to clarify these requirements and to develop a plan specific to your child. If you ever have any questions regarding your child’s graduation status with regard to testing or credits, please contact your child’s school counselor.

Students Required to Test

This year the EOCs will be administered between April 19th and May 8th, according to the schedule listed below. Your child will take the EOC for each course in which he/she is currently enrolled. It may also be necessary for your child to take additional tests if he/she did not perform well enough to meet the graduation requirements during a previous administration.

Test Dates

April 19th & 20th ...........English/Language Arts (Parts 1 and 2)

April 21st & 22nd............English/Language Arts Makeups

April 26th............................Biology

April 27th............................Algebra I

April 28th............................Geometry

April 29th............................American Government/Social Studies 3

April 30th............................American History/Social Studies 2

May 2nd- May 8th.........Math, Science, and Social Studies Makeups

Test Time and Location

General education testing will take place in the gymnasium. Testing with accommodations will take place in computer labs. All students should report to their first period and then will be dismissed to their test location through announcements. Testing should begin shortly after students arrive in their assigned locations.

MOA Students

There is no virtual option for the EOC Exams. Any Madison Online Academy student enrolled in tested subjects is to report to the high school to take their test in-person on the scheduled date. Students should arrive between 7:30 am- 7:40 am. MOA students should just report to the cafeteria and wait to be called to the gymnasium or testing room by announcements. Each administrator and teacher taking temperatures at the door will also be able to assist students to their testing location.

School Issued Devices

All students who have a school issued device should bring it with them (fully charged) on any day they are testing. If a student has not yet checked out a chrome book, they are encouraged to do so immediately.

Transportation Home for MOA Students - Only

At the conclusion of the test, MOA students may leave for the day. Those students will need to arrange for transportation. In-person students will return to their normal classes and complete the school day. Testing should conclude at approximately 10:30am.

Ram Pride

While there can be additional pathways to meet the testing graduation requirement, the EOCs are the most basic and most readily attainable for students, which is why we are asking for your assistance in making sure that your child receives a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast on their testing days. Research has shown that students achieve higher on standardized tests if they have eaten and are well rested as they take the test. Our teachers are working diligently to prepare our students for these tests. Please assist us by communicating the importance of these tests with your child and reinforcing the importance of a good night’s rest, breakfast, and full attendance during the testing period. We take great pride in the success of Madison students, as it is our goal to perform at a high level as a building and as a district. Please join us in this venture; and thank you for the opportunity to work with your child and for your assistance and cooperation as we prepare for the Spring of 2021 testing period.

Ram Pride,

Sean Conway


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