Construction Technologies 1

Construction Technologies 1 is designed to prepare students with a fundamental level of knowledge in the field of construction and woodworking. An emphasis of the class will be on safety, power tools, measurement, hand tools, and basic woodworking machines. Students will create various small-scale projects in this course, giving them hands-on experiences to help build their knowledge. 

Construction Technologies 2 

This course will take an in-depth look at the field of construction using scaled projects and real-life situations that may occur on a job site. Basic electrical, masonry, plumbing, and finishing will be emphasized in this course. Students will also focus on precision and quality of their work in this course.

Manufacturing Technologies 1

Manufacturing Technologies is a course that focuses on metal and metal works. This is an introductory course that will allow students the opportunity to explore basic welding, metal bending, cutting, and blueprint reading.  The student will complete a series of hands-on projects that will build their skills and introduce them to one of the highest in-demand fields in Richland County: Manufacturing. 

Manufacturing Technologies 2 

Manufacturing 2 is designed to be a continuation of our Manufacturing 1 course. Students will continue to build on their machining skills, but will also learn to use CNC machines, higher level welding techniques, and gain a greater understanding of the field of machining and welding. 


This course is designed to introduce students to common concepts in accounting including theory and double-entry accounting. In addition, students will be guided through the process of preparing financial documents in multiple formats. This is an introductory accounting course that will benefit students regardless of their career or college choice.

Managerial Accounting 

In this course students build on foundational skills taught in our Accounting class. Some of the skills learned in this course include Managerial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, and Computerized Accounting. This is an advanced course and is intended for students who enjoy accounting, are looking to enter into a business field, or are enrolled our Business Management program.

Business Fundamentals 

Business Fundamentals is an introductory course that is designed to offer a student at any level basic insights to the field of business. During this course students will look into various office technologies while exploring the areas of professionalism, marketing, economics, personal finance, business law, and entrepreneurship.  

Business Ethics 

Business Ethics is a course designed around different situations and cases in business that allow students to explore various aspects of the business world.  This course is engaging and builds from class to class as students develop an understanding of sound practices and illegal practices in the world of business and finance.